Jason McCoy Entrance

Entrance of Jason McCoy Gallery
Photo:  Stanley Bulbach




JASON MCCOY GALLERY41 East 57th Street • New York 10022, 11th floor • 212.319.1996 • www.jasonmccoyinc.com

The Fuller Building

The Fuller Buiilding
Photo: Stanley Bulbach


The Jason McCoy Gallery is in the historic landmarked Fuller Building at Madison Avenue and 57th Street Street designed by Walker & Gillette in the Art Deco style, and built in 1929 for the Fuller Construction Company.

The Fuller Building is known for housing a number of New York's most important galleries.

Although 57th Street is now nicknamed "Billionaire's Mile", East 57th has historically been a major center of New York City's art world.

Art Director Stephanie Buhmann
Above left:  Director Stephanie Buhmann
Below right:  Co-curator Samantha McCoy
Photos:  Dan Franklin Smith
Co-curator Samantha McCoy


DOMESTICITY (June 30 — August 15, 2014) is an installation curated by Stephanie Buhmann and Samantha McCoy (above).  The exhibition presents a modern and contemporary selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs, while embracing objects that involve weaving, glass, furniture design and wallpaper.

Featured artists are Polly Apfelbaum, Will Barnet, Hans Bellmer, Josh Blackwell, Stanley Bulbach, Charles Burchfield, Alexander Calder, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Andre Gregory, Frederick Kiesler, Joyce Kozloff, Elisa Lendvay, Roy Lichtenstein, Vivian Maier, Moving Mountains, Keiko Narahashi, Aaron Poritz and Nika Taubinsky, Man Ray, Laurie Simmons, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Anna Torma, Wilfred Zogbaum and Balint Zsako.

Most of the works featured in this exhibition either focus on the theme of domesticity as their main subject matter, highlighting particular aspects such as childcare (Will Barnet and Joyce Kozloff) and still life (Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Keiko Narahashi and Man Ray), or employ craft techniques as a key expressive component in their compositions (Polly Apfelbaum, Stanley Bulbach, Josh Blackwell and Anna Torma).  In addition, the installation incorporates objects with functional intent, such as original wallpaper designs by Charles Burchfield, furniture by Frederick Kiesler, Moving Mountains, and Aaron Poritz and Nika Taubinsky, as well as glass vessels by Louis Comfort Tiffany, artist stools from the studio of Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, and a mobile by Alexander Calder. Some artists, including Hans Bellmer, Andre Gregory, Laurie Simmons, Roy Lichtenstein, Balint Zsako, Wilfred Zogbaum and Vivian Maier achieve a sense of intimacy in their photographs and drawings and sculpture by incorporating domestic objects either as props or reflections of their private selves.  The Brooklyn based artist, Elisa Lendvay has created two light sculptures with this specific theme in mind.

However variant in their approach, aesthetic or genre, all of the exhibited works draw inspiration from the notion of comfort that characterizes the privacy of domestic life.  As a faceted installation, Domesticity serves as a counterpoint to an increasingly digitalized way of life, in which one becomes increasingly removed from actual handmade objects.  In that regard, Domesticity invites the following contemplations, among others:

How can domestic space and the activities and feelings of familiarity within be conceptualized in art?

Where is the line drawn between a functional domestic object and fine art ?

Is this traditional divide between the decorative and fine arts still plausible in our digital age?

Please contact Stephanie Buhmann or Samantha McCoy at 212-319-1996 or info@jasonmccoyinc.com for further information.

Text:  Jason McCoy Gallery
Stanley Bulbach with Ferns

Above center and left:  Stanley Bulbach with Ferns
Above right:  Louis Comfort Tiffany Glass
Photo:  Dan Franklin Smith

Bulbach's Candlemas and Novermber 57th Street

Above center and right:  Candlemas and November 57th Street
Above left:  Calder mobile and lsca Greenfield-Sanders's China Cabinet

"It has been a wonderful experience," Bulbach commented enthusiastically, "and a great honor for me to have my art work included here with so many other accomplished and famous artists in Jason McCoy Gallery's art research.  It is a delight to be able to have it enjoyed by so many people."