"Interwoven Over Millennia:
East, West, Ancient and New
Photo: ©2019 Dan Franklin Smith
In February 2020 the British Tapestry Group solicited and published Bulbach's article, Either Exclusivity or Sustainability, regarding fiber art organizations policies perpetuating the field's extreme lacks of diversity and its deficiencies in economic and professional opportunity, as well as its inaccurate research standards and practices.  A downloadable PDF copy is now available in the Library Section of this website, see "Published by Artist" section.

In 2019 from November 18th through December 10th New York University presented Interwoven Over Millennia: East, West, Ancient and New an exhibition of Bulbach's textile art.  Photos now posted in the Album Section of this website.

The exhibition was at the Richard Ettinghausen Library above at the Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies where Bulbach earned his M.A and Ph.D.  (PDF of NYU Announcement.)


YouTube currently features a 38 minute video recorded at the March 10th, 2019 presentation at the Louis Mendez Soho Salon in NYC.  This video can be viewed by double-clicking on the URL (below):