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Links of Interest


Links:  Fiber Art


  • American Craft Council
    For decades, the ACC has worked to be the primary advocate in the US for the field of contemporary American Craft art.  Its focus is on major craft shows and its glossy membership publication.  The jewel in its crown, however, was the library at its headquarters in NYC.   In 2010 the ACC moved out of NYC to Minnesota due to financial limitations,
  • American Tapestry Alliance
    A small, but dynamic organization advocating the tapestry arts and producing a professional record via exhibitions and an impressive membership periodical.  (See also ATA Study Group's Formal Recommendations)
  • Cory Simpson's Lincoln Longwools
    A source of some of the best quality Lincoln fleece in the US for handspinning.
  • Cover Magazine
    This periodical is published by Hali, the publishers of the world famous oriental carpet and ethnic textile magazine company (also see Hali below).  What makes Cover Magazine so striking and important is that it focuses on carpets and textiles for modern interiors, where the textile world today flourishes outside the museums.
  • Esther Fitzgerald Rare Textiles
    A beautiful gallery featuring culturally, artistically, and historically significant textiles from all cultures, covering a time span of 2000 years and has done so for the past decades.
  • Fuller Craft Museum
    The Fuller Craft Museum is one of the few remaining art museums dedicated to the contemporary craft media arts.  This gem is located in Brockton, MA.  Fuller Craft Museum aspires to serve as a public resource to chronicle, interpret, and present craft in its many forms.  It supports, redefines, and influences the field through exploration, education, and thought leadership.  Its goal is to expand awareness, insight, and accessibility for growing audiences.
  • Hali Magazine
    Published in London, Hali is the world's preeminent periodical on traditional ethnic carpets and textiles.  Recently it has inaugurated a second title, Cover Magazine, to report on where the world of earlier treasures meets and inspires today's markets in the interior design and decoration industries.  (See also Cover Magazine above,)
  • Jason McCoy Gallery
    Jason McCoy Gallery was established in 1982. Located in the Fuller Building in Midtown Manhattan, the gallery represents an international group of acclaimed contemporary artists working in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and installation.  In addition, it specializes in the resale of 20th Century international master works of art, ranging from Louis Comfort Tiffany to Constantin Brancusi, Jackson Pollock, Adolph Gottlieb and Andy Warhol, among many others.  Meanwhile Jason McCoy Gallery maintains a historical forum by representing artists estates and aiding in the formation of foundations.  It publishes several catalogues each year and assists with the scholarship of artist monographs.  As a longstanding member of the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA), the gallery subscribes to the highest standard of connoisseurship, scholarship and ethical practice.
  • Inspirational
    Inspirational is is a portfolio of celebration, celebrating what it is to be an artist, what it is to be able to see the greater reality, to be able to touch awareness, edited and published by John Hopper.  (See also The Textile Blog below.)
  • Louis Mendez Soho Salon
    Mendez Soho was an artist's loft, website and salon venue founded by Dianne Mendez in memory of Louis Mendez, artist, educator, bon vivant and in support of the Louis Mendez Endowed Scholarship Fund at Alfred University as well as the Mendez Soho Salon Series.  Also supporting this project are Soho Strut, promoting communication between business & residential communities in SoHo, and the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation whose mission is “Connecting People, Sharing Ideas, Empowering Each Generation to Teach the Others.”   The Salon suspended due to the Pandemic.
  • Murray Gibson Tapestry
    Murray Gibson is one of Canada's living treasures.  He has been creating a rich corpus of contemporary tapestry art during his career, weaving together the distant past with the urgent present technically and thematically.  He is also one of Canada's preeminent teachers of this art form, striving to preserve and pass it on successfully to future generations.
  • Ontario Handweavers & Spinners
    The Ontario Handweavers and Spinners organized in 1956 to promote high standards in the fibre arts and arouse public interest in the craft.  It has members all regions of the province of Ontario, as well as other parts of Canada, the United States and abroad.  It publishes Fibre Focus, has biennial conferences, educational programs, networks regional information.
  • The Textile Blog
    The beautiful and bountiful blog on creative artists by artist, designer, editor, publisher, researcher, and writer John Hopper whose credo is, "Art in all its forms should be at the centre of our lives, not its periphery".  (See also Inspirational above.)

Links:  Other 

  • Dan Franklin Smith
    A classical pianist whose music everyone should hear.
  • Elysium — Between Two Continents
    Elysium is an organization fostering artistic and academic dialogue, creative and educational exchange, and mutual friendship between the USA and Europe, especially the German speaking countries.
  • Stephanie Buhmann
    An artist, writer, and curator whose sensitive, knowledgeable work is very important in New York and Europe.